Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Our Day at the Nashville Zoo.

Alex and I had a wonderful day with my sweet nephews at the zoo. We all had a great day :) The boys did so good. No one ever had a meltdown, complained about being hot or tired...everything was perfect. The weather cooperated and it really was just a great day! Brayden had never been to the zoo; therefore, he thought every animal & insect was the coolest thing he ever laid his eyes on. He was even interested in the random cicadas that we would occasionally see fly by. Mason is a little older, so he wanted to see the bigger animals that you don't see often. He really loved the elephants. We got very lucky because when we made it over to where the elephants were, they were practically right beside the fence! Both of the boys loved that. The elephant was all about putting on a show...she kept on picking up dirt in her trunk and spraying herself, wiggling her toes, and shaking her ears back and fourth. It was so fun to see! I was so glad that the boys got to see the animals up close and they truely had a great day!
The boys riding on the train!

cuties :)

drink break

Mason took this...pretty good for a 5 yr old!

3 handsome men.

getting ready to leave

so excited on the way!

first glimpse of a zoo animal

they loved the reptiles

beautiful moments.


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